Day Before General Election 2015 – Some personal thoughts

It’s the day before the general election and any (political/social) blogger worth their salt has been busily posting opinions, polls and predictions very regularly for the past few months.

Regular followers of this blog will know that maltbyblogger hasn’t had as much to say as usual recently on Maltby’s  situation , topically or politically.

The first post on here back in 2011 concentrated on Maltby candidates

and my thoughts on the General Election and local issues in 2010 were covered here  prior to the inception of

Readers of Write-Place and those who know me and my family personally, will understand that attention to recent events in family life have prioritised aspects of my blogging/writing. As ever, for some reason I feel the need to explain myself, though and am attempting to do so, even if only to myself, and this I do by writing.

Whether it is read or not by anyone else is perhaps an added bonus to the cathartic (alleged) effect of getting thoughts recorded.

Confused ? I know that feeling.

More on this here

Don’t forget to register your vote, even if it’s only to spoil the ballot paper and vote “none of the above”. It is important, though may not be top priority in our life right now, the outcome of this election will affect every one of us in the future.

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