Election Day, May 7th 2015

Two hours left before the ballot boxes close for this election, which it feels like we have been “prepared for”  for ever.

I’ve been to the polling station and placed my votes in an appropriate manner.

I’ve  seen the leaders of the main parties on television news placing their votes and taken part in an online survey to see if the policies of who I have voted for are in line with my own policies (https://voteforpolicies.org.uk/)

I’ve checked  a few times to see who is likely to win in my area and read South Yorkshire Police’s advice on not taking a selfie in the polling station.

I’ve done a quiz to tell me how Conservative (or not) I am (https://uk.isidewith.com/political-quiz)  and  been sidetracked into researching why most people being interviewed these days – politicians and ordinary people alike – begin their answers with “So …” .

I’ve read 15 reasons why women shouldn’t vote UKIP (https://leftfootforward.org)  and about the UKIP candidate in Darlington whose name was missed off a number of ballot papers( http://www.ukipne.org/2015/05/ukip-north-east-statement-on-ballot-paper-errors-in-darlington/)

I will not be following the results proceedings from 9.55 pm till whenever and shall see in the morning what the outcome of this election, which has been labelled as the most unpredictable since Adam was a lad, is.

And lastly, I have bought the Kindle version of Pet Dogs Democratic Party Manifesto by Alfie Dog and my author friend Rosemary J Kind  http://www.amazon.co.uk/Pet-Dogs-Democratic-Party-Manifesto/dp/1909894257  which I am now going to bed, to read.

You might find this an enjoyable read yourself, to end Election Day.

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