Rother Valley – Barron fears what is going to happen to people of Rother Valley


Labour’s long-serving MP Sir Kevin Barron is looking forward to five more years in Parliament for the same constituency he has represented since 1983.

The veteran MP increased his majority in his Rother Valley seat, holding off the challenge of UKIP’s Allen Cowles.

Sir Kevin, 68, said: “I have served Rother Valley for over 32 years. I will remain a voice for people who don’t have a voice and stick up for them come what may.”

Sir Kevin Barron keeps seat he has held since 1983

Sir Kevin Barron keeps seat he has held since 1983

The MP had a 5,866 majority in the 2010 election, and successfully increased this to 7,297.

Sir Kevin polled 20,501 votes, ahead of Mr Cowles with 13,204 and Conservative Gareth Streeter with 10,945.

Labour took a 43.6 per cent share of the vote in the constituency, with UKIP getting 28.1 per cent and the Conservatives 23.3 per cent.

The re-elected MP said he is concerned about the prospect of a new Conservative government and said he would have to fight to represent the interests of his constituents.

“I fear for what is going to happen to the people of Rother Valley, but I will be the voice for them,” he said.

Sir Kevin said the disappointing Labour performance nationally meant it was important for those voted back in to do their best.

“We have got what we have got. We are going to have to make sure we look after this people of this country.”

His victory was the last result of the night to be announced at the Rotherham count and meant all three local Labour MPs retained their seats, despite hopes from UKIP that they could win in at least one constituency following the child sexual exploitation scandal which involved the Labour-run Rotherham Council.

Speaking prior to the results being announced, Mr Streeter said he was delighted with the way the national election results had turned out for the Conservatives.

“Nobody is going to speak to any Conservative in the country who isn’t pretty much over the moon right now,” he said.

“I certainly believe the Conservatives under David Cameron with George Osborne have the best chance of getting this country back on the road to recovery.”

Liberal Democrat Robert Teal polled 1,992, with English Democrat Sharon Sutton receiving 377 votes. Turnout was 63.57 per cent in the seat, slightly down on 2010.

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