They think its all isn’t

Rotherham Politics

What other than genes, link Banaras & Sageer Hussain, recently charged with numerous counts of CSE, including rape and pimping, with their family member Akhtar?

I know, and if you read some of the reports and newspaper articles you can figure it out. Anyway it it’s all about to emerge, meaning more embarrassment and shame for the Labour party. 

The local Labour Party, buoyed by May’s Council election results, are no doubt planning a major re launch as the new, democratic, transparent, youthful, born again party we hope for.

Unfortunately there will remain on the labour election ticket many of the faces associated with the past failures, and while not themselves active in criminality, they have been sycophants and apologists for those under suspicion. They have at least failed to scrutinise and prioritise the protection of children.

In the end Labour locally and regionally will have no one but themselves…

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