Taxi strike latest!

Look North has managed a report on this today without using the word “blockade”. Apparently it’s going to be a “slow drive”. Perhaps the police could arrest them for loitering … oh hang on, thats what many of them have been doing for years and what all this disgraceful behaviour is about. #justgetsworse

Rotherham Politics

Taxi drivers to take strike action in Rotherham tomorrow – with ‘blockades’ threatened

Rotherham taxi drivers are set to go on strike from tomorrow in protest at controversial new licensing laws being introduced in the wake of the child sexual exploitation scandal.

The Rotherham Hackney Carriage Association has told BBC Radio Sheffield its members will not be accepting jobs tomorrow.

Strike action is due to start from 6am tomorrow and one private hire driver told the BBC cabbies are considering ‘blockades of the town’ as part of their protest.

Read the decisions here:

Rotherham taxi drivers strike in demand for further talks

Posted On: 30 June 2015

TAXI drivers will go on strike from tomorrow morning to demand further talks with the council over licensing policy changes

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