Three more charged in connection with Rotherham abuse

Three more people have been charged as part of a major investigation into child sexual exploitation in Rotherham.

The two men and one woman have been charged as part of Operation Clover.

They include Majid Ali Bostan, 37, the brother of fellow accused Sajid Bostan, who has already been charged in relation to the same investigation.

Majid Bostan has been charged with indecent assault.

Qurban Ali, 52, has been charged with indecent assault, rape and procuring a child to have unlawful sexual intercourse with another.

Karen MacGregor, 58, has been charged with conspiring to procure a child to become a common prostitute and unlawful imprisonment.

MacGregor and Ali are also jointly charged with conspiracy to rape.

The offences involving the three new suspects are said to have occurred between 1993 and

They have been bailed to appear before Rotherham Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, July 7.

Arshid Hussain, 40, who has previously been charged with 45 offences relating to child sexual exploitation in Rotherham, has also been jointly charged with conspiracy to rape.

Sajid Bostan will next appear at Sheffield Crown Court on Thursday, July 9 after appearing in Magistrates’ Court last week.

He has been charged with 11 offences, including unlawful sexual intercourse with a girl under the age of 13, indecent assault and buggery.

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5 Responses to Three more charged in connection with Rotherham abuse

  1. paulhazz says:

    Hello there I like your idea of trying to pull some community cohesion together as all towns and city’s have lost this,and I mean every town, I am a British national socialist now before you think “nazi” please break down each word and it will give you some idea as to why some, (the the tea total none drug takers and mostly fitness oriented) people stand with this idealism, basically broken down, we want our country run by our people, fair wages, shared wealth, good standards of living, proper education for our young, which is now totally Marxist ruled promoting such things as, gay sex, integration (which we can All see isn’t working and will never work) I could go on, but I wanted to say I’ve been to 2 demonstrations in your town, the first was mainly EDL which as you know ended up in massive trouble which is totally unacceptable, and these are the elements us national socialists want out of these kind of demonstrations totally as basically it’s just a day out on the drink and drugs and totally gives us proper nationalist a bad bad name, thus giving the press (Marxist also) a great baton to beat us with! The second I went to was on the 18th now again a small element of said patriot EDL were there also present was us, the real national socialist who as I said are peaceful tea total and very educated people and we out numbered the EDL element there, they did not like this so as we were all gathered outside ready for the march they were inside in the beer garden still drinking and whatever else they were doing! It was them who proceeded to throw pint pots over the wall at a line of SY finest police 😐 which then gave them the excuse to start pushing people about and later in the March actually pushed over a young woman to which some of the Patriot element were rightly not happy about, and pushing and shoving presumed, ending in a few arrests, again not us NS but so called boozed up patriots! The police handling of this demo that was against them, was to be honest appalling and when one of the speakers told the gathering a story, and a true story of a poor young girl who was repeatedly raped and then lastly raped with a broken bottle 😢😢😢 all the police did was stand and snigger, ask any person there this is very true! There handling of the situation was outrageous and appalling, there was over 500+ police, in full riot gear, dog handlers and even a chopper above us! My reason for commenting on your blog is this and we put this to the police there to! Your story says 3 or 6 men arrested for rape and other horrible crimes against a white underage girl! Just 6 people of Pakistan origin!!! Think about this, it is more like 4000+ girls who have been abused over a period of 15 years, each girl underage and white from broken homes care home ect, now each of them girls have or was systematically abused over years some passed around by up to 10 men!!! Do the maths 4000 x 10!!!! That’s a lot of abuse don’t you think? And with the council, the cover ups the Rotherham community wonder why we come there? 6 arrests! I hope you reply and just take all that in! And as NS we are trying to get rid of this troublesome EDL element also from these demos and we will! And we as NS will be back that is a fact! Please share this comment with said superintendent as I would love to hear his reply! Thank you for taking time to read my comment and Hope to hear from you soon! Misanthropic Division Great Britain

  2. Thanks very much for your comments Paul.
    I just need to point out to you that you refer to my post saying ” Your story says 3 or 6 men arrested for rape and other horrible crimes against a white underage girl! Just 6 people of Pakistan origin!!! ”

    I appreciate this, and your other comments but my post is a report taken from The Star (see link) and not “my story” at all.
    I hope you take the time to read more on maltbyblogger as I am sure you will find that I already have, and continue to “Think about this… ” and “take it in” and in no way is this post my opinion or sensationalistic headlining. Rotherham Council and councillors and South Yorkshire Police hold no favour with maltbyblogger whatsoever, which you will also realise if you refer to other postings and views on here.
    I look forward to more comments from you and other British National Socialists and would welcome some further insight into the Misanthropic Division Great Britain.
    Your comments will be shared automatically to the Superintendant you mention, if he reads this – which I think he maybe does. But just to be sure, why not share them to him yourself ?

  3. Paul, is this the group you refer to as Misanthropic Division Great Britain ?

    • paulhazz says:

      Hi again and my apologies for making this very slight error to which you seem to focus you whole reply on with no answer to all my original questions, so I say the report you referred to about the Pakistan, not Asion men Pakistani men, you also skirt around my question I put to you about the massive scale we are talking about here an as the sums sad over 4000+ girls in vulnerable situations over many years have been systematically raped as I said before by upto 10 to 15 I
      Can’t call them men, scum bags meaning this adds upto 40.000 cases of abuse!!!!! And in the article you mentioned let’s not forget you only mentioned it 6 of these people were arrested! So I ask you and I ask the SY Police super what happened to the 36.994 other abusers in this town! Now are we on the same page!!! That is massive scale of abuse and I ask for answers and invite you or the brilliant SY police to comment! As you can see from the figures it’s a total disgrace and the same story in many other towns across the country! So please do not go round this massive question, I ask you to face upThe to it and give us answers! Thanks for you time I await your answer with anticipation and especially the SY police who seem to think that it’s the general nationalist whites who are rightly up in arms about this absolutely disgusting and disgraceful situation! Please answer questions asked and do NOT skirt around minor mistakes as the main focus of you answer!
      Regards MDGB and NA and no it’s not we are not national action we are Misanthropic Division Great Britain

    • paulhazz says:

      No it isn’t that group is clearly called national action

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