Spotting the Landscape

Linda Anne Baker

When I stand at the top of Otley Chevin, I think how lucky I am to have such a spectacular view of Wharfedale and live only four miles from Ilkley Moor. But I also remember my first experience of climbing the Chevin from Otley town below. I was twenty-one and had only recently moved to Leeds from South Yorkshire. I had never visited this part of the world before nor had I any idea the climb would be so difficult, especially since I couldn’t actually see the top of the incline from the starting point. When I’d caught the bus from the city I thought I was just out for a drink with my then boyfriend. I was wearing platform mules and a mini skirt, hardly dressed for such a scramble, but he assured me it wasn’t far and there was a pub at the top. Our reward for just…

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