Private Tenants Association Meeting – Wednesday 30th September

A new Rotherham Association of Private Tenants will be holding the third in a series of meetings at Edward Dunn Memorial Hall  between 6pm and 8pm on Wednesday 30thSeptember  2015.  The meeting is open to all

This new association will provide a voice for private tenants linking in with tenants elsewhere in the country including the national Generation Rent campaign.  The meeting will include a quiz on your rights as a private tenant.

Steve Ruffle Manager of Rotherham Federation of Communities (RotherFed) which supports this new group said

“Your house is your home. The number of private tenants is steadily increasing in the Borough and their voices are rarely heard locally. This new group aims to organise private tenants locally  so we can begin hearing their voices”

The association has a new website at Edward Dunn Memorial Hall is on Tickhill Road S66 7NQ.  More details from  Steve on 01709 368515 or by email at

Steve Ruffle

Rotherham Federation of Communities
Company no:5913521
Charity no:1158600
01709 368515
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