Kev’s mailing list – anyone on it ?

Just tried to sign up, again, to our Kev MP’s mailing list, here :

Unfortunately, this is the message I continue to get

“Sorry an error occurred while trying to save your details.”

I’ve been trying to register to my MP’s list for about, erm … … 6 or 7 YEARS now.

I know I’ve asked this before, but has anyone ever succeeded in registering ?

Is it just me …  … ?


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5 Responses to Kev’s mailing list – anyone on it ?

  1. Timawells says:

    Brenda no problem signing up. Your must be blocked regards Tim

    • Well, how rude is that !
      Maybe you could keep me up to date with what he tells the rest of his constituents, Tim.

      • Timawells says:

        Brenda I will forward anything onto you. However I doubt it will be of much worth. Just had a look at the Rothervalley results and if you add the Conservative and UKIP vote the majority don’t want Labour, but due to the split vote, end up with them.

  2. reg reader says:

    Back in early 2010 I noticed the same problem, and that February e-mailed hbr – the company that built the website for him, saying:
    “as the people who built Kevin Barron’s website …
    .you may be able to work out why I as one of his constituents, attempting to register my details at . with a valid e-mail address, and post code (S13 9ZL) within his constituency, get the message:
    Sorry an error occured [sic] while trying to save your details.

    I have tried informing him of the problem via his own e-mail address, but got no response. I do understand that at least one constituent has managed to register.”

    The initial reply said:
    “Thank you for letting us know about your issues with the website.

    Firstly the reason that you are receiving the error message is because your details are already registered.

    Secondly I fully accept that a more appropriate message informing you that this was case should have been displayed. I hope that we will be able to rectify this very shortly as well as the spelling mistake that you have very kindly pointed out.

    I can only offer my apologies for this inconvenience.”

    I responded “Yet surprisingly I have no recollection of ever getting any other message; nor any newsletter (but that is not your concern).”

    In reply I got “Well I can’t say for sure but it is possible that no newsletters have been sent.”

    I am yet to receive my first newsletter from Sir Kev.


  3. Thanks for the reply rr. Apologies for my late response. Your correspondence and their response speaks volumes. I am at a loss to understand quite how he manages to carry on in the way that he does. Cleary completely out of touch with the feelings of his constituents.

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