Maltby Labour Party

I’ve tried not to bother myself with the antics of Maltby Town Council and our RMBC  Labour Party representatives for Maltby, of late. 

The election of certain people to MTC whose actions over the years have been nothing short of despicable, has kept me from showing any interest in a hope for a better future for Maltby.   I don’t need to name these people – most readers of this blog know who I am referring to and a browse through the archives here of posts around 2009/10/11 will jog your memory if needs be.

I even managed to get the Labour election propaganda leaflet which was posted through my door, to the refuse without having to look too closely at the false promises and same old faces. But I couldn’t  resist looking at Facebook though, to see if Maltby Labour Party had a page, after reading about Dinnington’s page, on Rotherham Politics.

I clearly have been blocked in advance from commenting on the page – likewise any other “social media” on which Rushforth, Barron, Champion, Hoddinot et al make comments, which is of no surprise to me whatever.

Maltby Labour Facebook page

The page appears to be a series of comments and photos by a select number of people and, as with the Dinnington page, any comment that questions or disagrees with Maltby Labour’s views is immediately removed.

If any one has the “good fortune” – I use the term lightly – to be able to make a comment or ask a question, could you please ask Maltby Labour Party’s candidates Amy Rushforth, Christine Beaumont and Richard Price, why they say that Malty Town Council is a separate situation to their representation of Maltby, when all 3 of these are on Maltby Town Council ?


Look forward to the response




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