Maltby Ward Election Results

So the people of Maltby have voted with a 32.24% turnout, and elected 3 Labour Party representatives.

No idea what it would take for the other 60 odd percent to actually turn out and vote.

I shall take consolation in the possibility that it’s more a case of the majority knowing that no matter what the “scandal” or despicable actions of many, nothing ever does or ever will change.

Those who govern and represent us “learn lessons” and no one is found accountable.

C’est la vie.

Maltby ward

Election of a Borough Councillor for Maltby on Thursday 5 May 2016

I, Sharon Kemp, being the Returning Officer at this election, do hereby give notice that the number of votes recorded for each Candidate is as follows:

 Name of Candidate  Description (if any)  Number of Votes*
 BALL Simon Ashley  Independent  452
 BEAUMONT Christine  Labour Party  1,181 ELECTED
 BIGGIN Sharon  Independent  555
 BRADFORD Joy  Independent  444
 CARRATT Jonathan  Independent  750
 JARVIS Roger  UK Independence Party (UKIP)  948
 PRICE Richard  Labour Party  984 ELECTED
 RUSHFORTH Amy  Labour Party  1,037 ELECTED
 SALT Jane Rosemary  The Conservative Party Candidate  188

* If elected the word ‘Elected’ appears against the number of votes.

The number of ballot papers rejected was as follows: Number of ballot papers
 A  Want of an official mark  0
 B  Voting for more Candidates than the voter was entitled to  4
 C  Writing or mark by which the voter could be identified  0
 D  Being unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty  6
 E  Rejected in part  0
Total  10
 Vacant seats  3  Electorate  8,725  Ballot papers issued  2,813  Turnout  32.24%

I do hereby declare that the said Christine Beaumont, Richard Price and Amy Rushforth are duly elected Councillors for the Maltby Ward.

Sharon Kemp

Returning Officer


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1 Response to Maltby Ward Election Results

  1. Turnout? I think people are fed up with politics, Only the diehards, and the people who want something turn out. The older you are the more likely you are to vote. Only 34% of the youngsters turned out to vote for the referendum. And then they have the nerve to complain when it didn’t go as they planned. Did they not realise that their vote counted. All votes count. The politicians on television lie cheat, and generally are dishonest and why would anyone vote for them. Unfortunately by association so are councillors. And to be honest why would anyone take time from their busy day to go to a polling booth especially in Maltby when we all know what will happen , and that Labour will continue strong as before. Their mandate may shrink but the Red Flag keeps flying. Even Dad knows that. Whenever I say maybe you should vote differently he says what’s the point? And that is why. 60 plus years of Labour rule has made people complacent, to the point where they wont go out to vote, especially if they have had a busy Thursday at work, and all they want to do is eat and veg out in front of Corrie or Eastenders. ( If they are on a Thursday) or the Sky Sports channel. I try and vote in everything but then TV doesn’t really excite me that much. The tipping point will come when those Labour voters die out and the younger generation who are Labour forget this and then something may well happen. It might shock some of them to start voting but until that point you may as well deafen yourself telling them to vote and waiting for a miracle ( this is purely opinion) It may not reflect reality but in essence its how I view it. Young people are turned off by politics, They don’t really care, because it doesn’t change anything for the better,they also refuse to engage with it. So its left to the radicals and the self serving youth that realise this and who exploit their positions and rise through the ranks.

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