Sarah Champion Newsletter

I was surprised to find this in my  inbox today. My email address must have slipped through the net of the “blocking team” so thought I’d post it here – for posterity 🙂

Working hard for you

Dear Friends,

It has been a turbulent two weeks. It started with the murder of my friend, the Labour MP Jo Cox. I think it has shocked us all that a kind, thoughtful woman who campaigned all her life for a better world was murdered for those very views.

Due to the on-going dispute within the Parliamentary Labour Party over the Labour leadership, I have resigned as a member of the Labour frontbench.  This does not affect my work as a constituency MP or the campaigning I do around preventing abuse and domestic violence.

I can assure you that I did not take this decision lightly. I have never been one to play political games and I certainly would not take part in any ‘coup’ to remove Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour party. I know Jeremy to be a good and honourable man, who has committed his life to the Labour movement, but once he overwhelmingly lost the motion of no confidence, I did not consider his position as Leader to be viable.

I know that there are strong opinions on both sides of this issue, but I hope that you will understand my reasoning, even if you do not agree with my decision.

Kind Regards,


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