General Elections 2017 – final day to register to vote

Applications for electoral registration must reach the Electoral Registration Officer by Monday, 22nd May 2017.

Candidates who will stand for local seats in next month’s General Election have been confirmed.

Rotherham voters will go to the polls on Thursday 8 June to elect MPs in the following constituencies:

  • Rother Valley

The candidates are confirmed as:

Rother Valley

Kevin Barron – Labour

Bethan Eddy – Conservative

Lee Hunter – UKIP

Paul Martin – Green Party

Katy Pruszynski – Liberal Democrats

Name of Candidate
Home Address
Description (if any)
Names of Signatories
Proposers(+), Seconders(++) & Assentors

Kevin John
68 Brookhaven Way, Bramley, Rotherham, S66 1WH
Labour Party
Goy David A(+)
Adair Terence W Singleton Shaun Scott Michael Mirfin Dennis Goy Carole A(++) Bolton Glenys Ashton David J C Tillery Eric Swift John F

Bethan Sian
36 Clarkson Close, Nuneaton, CV11 4BA
The Conservative Party Candidate
Hunt Jonathan C V(+)
Benson Anne Shepherd June Middleton Christopher N Marsh Barrie  Thomas June(++) Hunt Susan A Thomas David T A Middleton Anne Marsh Ruth P

Lee James
16 Buckingham Way, Maltby, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S66 7EA
UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Pittaway Christine A(+)
Murphy Claire Murphy Ann Murphy David Hunter Sharon L Moore Christopher(++) Pittaway Mark Cleary Elaine Murphy William White Kieron F J

Paul Neville
(address in the Rother Valley Constituency)
Green Party candidate
Barkley Ian D(+)
Gee David H Brown Richard C Littlewood Hilda C Senior Jill L Hamilton Wendy Elaine Brown Linda Malone Nicholas R Whyman Rebecca

Katie Mary
(address in the Sheffield Central Constituency)
Liberal Democrats
Taylor Colin D(+)
Hodgson Rachel H Richardson Jessica P Richardson Ann L aldi Jane E Taylor FrancesJ(++) Hodgson Alyn T Richardson Jemima F Richardson Paul A Martin Christine E V

The situation of Polling Stations and the description of persons entitled to vote thereat are as follows:

Situation of Polling Station
Station Number
Ranges of electoral register numbers of persons entitled to vote thereat
EB-1 to EB-2243
Centenary Hall, Bateman Road, Hellaby, Rotherham
EC-1 to EC-682
Addison Day Centre, Addison Road, Maltby, Rotherham
ED-1 to ED-1821
Addison Day Centre, Addison Road, Maltby, Rotherham

FE-1 to FE-1577
Maltby Linx Youth Centre, Lilly Hall Road, Maltby, Rotherham
IA-1 to IA-1341
The Grange Warden Centre, St. Bartholomew`s Close, Maltby, Rotherham
IB-1 to IB-520/1
Maltby Manor Academy, Davy Drive, Maltby, Rotherham
IC-1 to IC-1663
Maltby Service Centre, Braithwell Road, Maltby, Rotherham
ID-1 to ID-1195
Edward Dunn Memorial Hall, Tickhill Road, Maltby, Rotherham
IE-1 to IE-1123
Maltby St Marys Catholic Primary School, Muglet Lane, Maltby, Rotherham
IF-1 to IF-1148
Ascension Close Warden Centre, Ascension Close, Maltby, Rotherham
IG-1 to IG-915
The Grange Warden Centre, St. Bartholomew`s Close, Maltby, Rotherham
IH-1 to IH-102
Charles Foster Community Centre, Woodland Gardens, Maltby, Rotherham
II-1 to II-645

Statements of candidates in next post 

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