General Election June 8th 2017

Here we are on election day itself, and I am in as much of a moral and political dilemma on where to place my vote, than ever before.  From my conversations with a number of Maltby people, it seems that there are many others who find themselves in the same position.

Do I go against all my principles and vote for the incumbent, a man for whom I have not an ounce of respect – or a milligram in the decimal system – in the hope that the Conservative Party don’t get in, in Rother Valley  and in Westminster ? Theresa May’s government is currently about as bad as it can get, but to put a tick against Barron’s name ? I can’t do it.

Shall I vote for a Conservative candidate who has little in common with me and my family apart from opposing the Rotherham Labour Party ? Would I be happy with the Conservatives in control again and Theresa May remaining as PM ? No, I would not.

We have a UKIP candidate, who I know nothing about except what was on the flier posted to me (and everyone else apparently) and the man who is now leader of  UKIP somehow rubs me up the wrong way as soon as he opens his mouth. His policies don’t impress me much either.

Lib Dems ? Again know little of the candidate or her policies and Tim Farron just doesn’t enthuse me at all with his.

That then leaves me with the Green Party candidate. The Green Partys policies (if they stick with them as no one ever seems to do) seem well intended and I do like all things “green” but in a stronghold like Rother Valley it feels like I’d be wasting my vote.

So here I am, with just over 8 hours before the polls close and with no decision made.   This decision is too important to just spoil the paper for the sake of turnout numbers, as I have done in the past.   Anyone care to try to persuade me one way or another ?

Thanks in advance.












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