Cumwell Lane Development News

Thought readers might be interested in this, from

It’s desperately close to our Kevin’s pad… or has he already sold up and got well out of the area ?




Plans have been outlined for a large distribution centre development alongside the M18 motorway in Rotherham – and it could help to create hundreds of new jobs.

Developers and landowners came forward during the creation of the borough’s new local plan with a number of sites including those currently in the Greenbelt such as 16 hectares identified at Cumwell Lane, Hellaby, near J1 of the M18.

With the local plan now adopted, an outline planning application has been submitted to Rotherham Council detailing what sort of industrial development the Hellaby site could accommodate.

Applicants, Stretton Denman Ltd, have developed a scheme for 722,000 sq ft of new employment floorspace on just under 15.7 hectares of land bounded by the M18, Cumwell Lane and Sandy Lane. The applicants add that the proximity to the M18 motorway reinforces the suitability of the proposed development of warehousing and distribution.

The plans also state that: “Based on the maximum capacity of the proposed development, the proposals have the potential to deliver 1,119 full time equivalent employment opportunities.”



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Would welcome news/topics from anyone who has an interest in our area, for whatever reason, while I re-update.

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