The Labour Party …

Nothing changes with the Labour Party, local or national. In fact it could hardly get worse :

Press release from Jonathan Arnott MEP

Plans by Labour for a second referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU have been slated by local MEP Jonathan Arnott.

“We’ve already voted four times on Brexit  – European elections 2014, General Election 2015, EU referendum 2016, General Election 2017 – and to have yet another vote would be a betrayal. “

And he pointed out, “To have another referendum would require further European elections – three years after we voted to Leave – and a six month-plus extension of Article 50.

“We’ve already waited long enough.

“In my view if the British people were offered a choice between a soft Brexit and no-Brexit, a generation would lose faith in democracy, such a referendum would be farcical.”

Mr Arnott, Independent MEP for the North East,  continued, “Jeremy Corbyn’s position on IRA terrorism, Palestinian terrorism, antisemitism, Venezuela, etc. have made him the most appalling leader of the opposition ever.

“His one redeeming feature has been to say that he would deliver Brexit. He’s now betrayed even that.

“This is a cynical move by Corbyn. He has split his own Party, lost the confidence of his backbenchers, failed to deal with anti-semitism and risked the destruction of his own party.

“This plan is clearly designed to shore up his own support within the Party and has nothing to do with what’s right for the country.

“The Labour Party has just disavowed its own Manifesto. Their MPs were therefore, effectively, elected under false pretences,” he said.

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