Independent Candidate for Rother Valley

Received information from Nigel Short, the Independent candidate for Rother Valley in the forthcoming General Election.

Here is the information he has provided and also a link to his website which he is currently growing with his ideas and intentions.

“I guess the ultimate message I am pushing is truly regional representation for Rother Valley residents in Parliament – without the meddling and pressure of political parties expecting me to put the party ahead of local residents. If elected I can consider the merits of any bills and how they will impact on us. And vote accordingly.

I have also committed to quarterly constituency meetings – in addition to the regular surgeries – where constituents will be encouraged to attend. That will give true accountability – I will be answerable only to the people of Rother Valley. I will attempt to justify votes I have been part of – and also to gauge local appetite for future votes to be considered. I won’t be hiding in Parliament – I will actively be lobbying on behalf of my constituents – the people who put me there to do just that.”

Nigel Short website

Please feel free to comment on here on this and any other relative issues.

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