Anybody out there … ?

So, almost 2 years down the line from me posting on this blog that I can no longer access it, it appears that WordPress still accepts that I am the author of the original maltbyblogger site – enough to keep taking payment for the domain name and sending me various advertisements for their ‘service’.

Thought I’d get my money’s worth and publish a post as it also appears that the blog gets views on a regular basis. I don’t have anything to report politics wise, as I decided a while back that it is not in my best interest healthwise, to do so.

Anyone reading this, please feel free to comment, on any subject or topic and I shall endeavour to respond and engage in conversation and discussion. My updated ramblings can still be found at which has been around for 15 years now. Who’d have thought that I’d still have something to write about ?

Regards and best wishes,


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2 Responses to Anybody out there … ?

  1. g2-81664588d17b64e7e639199b06cbe637 says:

    I’ve been getting your posts by email for some time

    But then I’m intimately connected with Maltby.

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