maltbyblogger intends to report, discuss and pass on information and news that is of interest to Maltby and Hellaby and sometimes Rotherham in general.

This might be topical, political or more likely both.

maltbyblogger has a particular interest in informing the Maltby community (and further afield) about issues and news that is not always accurately reported elsewhere and welcomes comments on any post or related subject.


9 Responses to About

  1. Nemesis says:

    Followed you from Guido’s page. My how it happens in Maltby! Regrding the bats the only ones you can be certaIn about are in Matthew Temperton’s belfry. In my dealings with him he has so far been a complete waste of space!!

    • Thanks for your comment Nemesis. Seems like you’ve had experience of Mr Templeton thats not entirely positive ! Could you tell us about the circumstances ? I think there’s many of
      us who are very interested !

  2. Hi Maltby blogger, how do I get in contact with you?! I’m planning a photo project about Maltby and I think you’d be a good person to speak to about it…

  3. Hi Phil,
    Thanks for commenting. I have emailed you.

  4. maltby dwellers says:

    Hi MaltbyBlogger we are looking to hold a meeting about the takeover of the Pit by Alkane Energies who intend to extract gas putting our lives at risk and threatening us with ecological disaster http://www.rothbiz.co.uk/2013/07/news-3472-alkane-ahead-of-schedule-at.html We have a facebook group just started please join its FRACKFREE S.Yorks https://www.facebook.com/groups/566381873425768/ and we would love to hear from you and share some views, ideas.

    Concerned Maltby dwellers

  5. Anon says:

    How do i contact you maltbyblogger, i have some information to do with a certain maltby councillor i think you may find interesting.

  6. Darren Padley says:

    I work for South Yorkshire Housing Association on the WorkingWin team. We are assisting with a NHS led trial looking at different ways of fining work. Looking for people with a mental or physical disability who are either looking for work or who are in work but struggling due to their condition. We have work coaches working in the Maltby and surrounding areas. Support can be provided for up to 12 months. See website for more info http://www.workingwin.com
    Happy to supply electronic leaflet and poster if you want to advertise this on your blog

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