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Our Kevin – one of the 8

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United Kingdom’S Withdrawal from the EU: Recent Votes

Latest voting on Brexit 29th March

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I’m tired of the hate. We all should be

I read the piece in The Times by Rod Liddle and was shocked … and there’s precious little that does that these days.

I would have written a post on this myself but someone has done it already – and probably better.

So here it is :

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Tweet and Delete – is your MP in the list ?

Having been blocked on Twitter by my MP Kevin Barron years ago, in a dull moment or two, I have wondered if Kevin still takes part in the Twittersphere of information and misinformation sharing.

His website page here, Kevin Barron MP  gives contact details – email and telephone, but does not mention Twitter. The news page is not a very detailed report of what has been happening in either Parliament or Rother Valley.  If he uses Twitter to inform his constituents of his policies, then I am missing out on important information.

Yesterday,  I received a link from  this account

Politwoops – Tweets MPs Delete

which claims to list the deleted Tweets of MPs.

Now of course, all of us who engage in Twitter or any other social media, will have written posts which on second thinking, we decide to either reword or delete altogether.  Nothing strange about that.

But I am more curious about the thoughts and actions of my MP because of the “blocked” situation, than I might generally be and so find Politwoops an interesting read.            After all, as we have recently been reminded, on the anniversary of Tony Benn’s death :

“Members of Parliament are LENT the powers of their constituents and they must return the powers UNDIMINISHED. It’s not for members of parliament to give away powers that were lent to them because they don’t belong to them. They belong to the electorate – and that is a critical matter”.

Tony Benn on Democracy

So, what do you think ?

Is looking at my MP’s deleted tweets a good way to understand their true thinking … or is it just unethical and none of my business ?

All comments responded to in confidence.


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Extending Article 50

It is difficult to keep up with the number of amendments and amendments to amendments which are being voted on almost daily in Parliament at the moment.

For those interested, here is our MP’s latest voting record.

Comments and discussion welcome and mb shall endeavour to respond.



Sir Kevin Barron voted for extending Article 50

(Rother Valley, Labour)

Sir Kevin Barron

On 12 March, Sir Kevin Barron voted for Theresa May’s deal.

Voting record on the following amendments:

  • AgainstCross-party remainers amendment to request an extension of Article 50 in order to have another referendum. (Amendment failed)
  • AgainstBenn/Cooper amendment to allow MPs to debate a Brexit motion that could lead to Parliament holding a series of indicative votes on different Brexit options. (Amendment failed)
  • AgainstLabour amendment to reject the PM’s deal and the idea of leaving without a deal. It also calls for an extension to Brexit talks to provide parliamentary time to find a majority for a different approach. (Amendment failed)
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Yesterday’s Brexit Vote

For those who have the tiniest bit of interest or will concerning the leaving the EU farce, here are details of our MP’s  vote last night.

Business of the House (Today) – European Union (Withdrawal) Act (12 Mar 2019)
Voted (aye) to approve, for the purposes of section 13(1)(b) of the
European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018, the negotiated withdrawal
agreement; the framework for the future relationship; the legally
binding joint instrument, which reduces the risk the UK could be
deliberately held in the Northern Ireland backstop indefinitely and
commits the UK and the EU to work to replace the backstop with
alternative arrangements by December 2020; the unilateral declaration by
the UK, setting out the sovereign action the UK would take to provide
assurance that the backstop would only be applied temporarily; and the
supplement to the framework for the future relationship, setting out
commitments by the UK and the EU to expedite the negotiation and
bringing into force of their future relationship.

(division #354; result was 242 aye, 391 no)

speaker:Kevin Barron : 1 vote

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Lord Ahmed & Child Sex Abuse

Check out @BBCNews’s Tweet:

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Check out @Debbie_abrahams’s Tweet:

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The Labour Party …

Nothing changes with the Labour Party, local or national. In fact it could hardly get worse :

Press release from Jonathan Arnott MEP

Plans by Labour for a second referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU have been slated by local MEP Jonathan Arnott.

“We’ve already voted four times on Brexit  – European elections 2014, General Election 2015, EU referendum 2016, General Election 2017 – and to have yet another vote would be a betrayal. “

And he pointed out, “To have another referendum would require further European elections – three years after we voted to Leave – and a six month-plus extension of Article 50.

“We’ve already waited long enough.

“In my view if the British people were offered a choice between a soft Brexit and no-Brexit, a generation would lose faith in democracy, such a referendum would be farcical.”

Mr Arnott, Independent MEP for the North East,  continued, “Jeremy Corbyn’s position on IRA terrorism, Palestinian terrorism, antisemitism, Venezuela, etc. have made him the most appalling leader of the opposition ever.

“His one redeeming feature has been to say that he would deliver Brexit. He’s now betrayed even that.

“This is a cynical move by Corbyn. He has split his own Party, lost the confidence of his backbenchers, failed to deal with anti-semitism and risked the destruction of his own party.

“This plan is clearly designed to shore up his own support within the Party and has nothing to do with what’s right for the country.

“The Labour Party has just disavowed its own Manifesto. Their MPs were therefore, effectively, elected under false pretences,” he said.

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