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EU Election Results for Rotherham – UKIP win with 27949 votes

I, Martin Kimber, being the appointed Local Returning Officer for the European Parliamentary election in the Rotherham local counting area on 22 May 2014 do hereby give notice that the number of votes cast for each party at this election … Continue reading

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Election Day minus 1 and a bit

So, here we are with only one more full day to make our decisions on who we are going to vote for, or not as the case may be.                        … Continue reading

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Amy Rushforth – Labour Party Election Leaflet and BNP Leaflet arrive together

Election leaflets are a bit like buses, here in Maltby. I’d just said 2 days ago that I didn’t expect a Labour leaflet through my door, and then a Labour leaflet comes through my door. Actually it was in the … Continue reading

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Maltby, TUSC, Labour and the BNP

http://rotherhampolitics.wordpress.com/2013/02/18/the-tusc-campaign-in-maltby-is-underway/#comment-12095   Colin Tawn says: “If you read the link I posted there is no doubt TUSC candidates have their own agenda. I also did not criticise Joe Robinson’s integrity as a resident of Maltby. I must ask you a question … Continue reading

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Perhaps Rotherham Does Get What It Deserves …

A sad day for Rotherham. With such a low turnout, perhaps Rotherham has got what it deserves in the election of another Labour MP. No change there then. maltbyblogger’s view on the comments of Kevin Barron and Roger Stone not … Continue reading

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Maltby resident speaks out – well done Mr Fleming !

An excellent letter from Maltby resident David Fleming  Candidate foisted on us PUBLISHED DATE: 20 MAY 2012 | PUBLISHED BY: DAVID FLEMING   Sir– I would like to reply to Zeb Khaliq’s letter (see Advertiser May 18). He says he found Will Blair … Continue reading

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BNP Out (for now)

Glad  that the BNP have been outed, for the time being at least. I do know of many who would have voted for them just to keep Labour out in Maltby,  but the alternatives to Labour were so bad. A … Continue reading

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Rotherham Labour Press Release

Rotherham Labour Press Release

Not sure how Jahangir Akhtar comes to make such sweeping statements, in his  but it’s certainly not from the views of ordinary Rotherham people.
“The local elections on 3rd May, brought a sweep of new Labour Councillors into Rotherham Town Hall.” A sweep … ? as if the old rubbish has been cleared out to make way for new ! There might be some “new” names, but the policies that have been drummed into them by their Labour party superiors will ensure they carry on with the same old views and blinkers to the real situation.
I’m still waiting for an apology from JA after he stated that I a am BNP sympathiser on Twitter ! Seems he doesn’t like the Labour party to be called ‘scum’ but it’s ok for him to tell folk to “go forth and multiply”. Not very professional for a professional, is it ?
How ironic that the facility for anyone to comment on his website is “closed” ! :)

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Representing the town, the people … or something else ?

Update on Rotherham Borough Councillors representing Maltby : (from RMBC website) http://www.rotherham.gov.uk/councillors/specificWard/21/maltby Councillor Amy Rushforth Ward: Maltby   Party: Labour Biography : Councillor Rushforth has been a member of the Council since 2000 and is currently Cabinet Member for Lifelong Learning and Culture. Councillor … Continue reading

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