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Maltby Town Council Annual Assembly – Tonight 6.30pm 2 May 2013

Almost missed this in the middle of Maltby Town Council Website’s muddle of ‘information’ Annual Assembly   http://www.rotherhamparishcouncils.gov.uk/getdoc/92819616-db32-4222-bd3b-2d68ca9770df/Annual-Assembly-Agenda-2-5-2013.aspx 6.30pm Thursday 2nd May 2013       Prior to the Annual Meeting there will be the Annual Assembly Meeting, where (hopefully) … Continue reading


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In Search of Agendas – MTC – Day 4 – Gross Incompetency

It’s getting worse, this lack of information from Maltby Town Council. It’s like 2007/8/9/10/11/12 all over again !  As it’s Thursday, the day when meetings are ‘usually’ held by MTC, I phoned them this morning.   The person who answered … Continue reading

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