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RMBC managers in line for pay rises due to ‘negative publicity’

Unbelievable … “Rotherham Council’s new chief executive could be paid an extra £40,000 per year as a result of ‘negative publicity’ from the grooming scandal. The council’s staffing committee has approved plans to potentially increase the salary for the position … Continue reading


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Inspection into the governance of Rotherham council

Documents relating to the inspection into the governance of Rotherham council. Contents Documents This page collates all the publications relating to Louise Casey’s best value inspection of Rotherham metropolitan borough council, conducted under section 10 of the Local Government Act … Continue reading

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Pantomime at Unity Centre After Child Abuse Scandal

Watch and listen as Rotherham’s “Leader’s” attempt to squirm and wriggle out of taking any responsibility for the disgrace of the child sexual exploitation situation. Obviously hand picked audience and questions asked at this “show” of concern. The people of … Continue reading

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South Yorkshire Police Officers referred to Independant Police Complaints Commission

Fourteen officers from South Yorkshire Police have been referred to the Independant Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) after a report criticised the  handling of child sexual exploitation (CSE) investigations in Rotherham. Ch Supt Jason Harwin said more referrals could follow. The IPCC said it … Continue reading

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Kevin on ‘anti social behaviour’, ASBOs and Community Triggers

From http://www.kevinbarronmp.com Plans Weaken Police Powers 13 Jun 2013 On top of big cuts to neighbourhood police, the Government now want to weaken police powers to fight anti-social behaviour. Instead of protecting victims, the Home Secretary plans to water down ASBOs … Continue reading

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“A Paperless Organisation ” – Dep Leader Cllr Jahangir Akhtar

From Rotherham Advertiser, 22nd March 2013 “£410 iPads ‘will save £630 per councillor’ All 63 RMBC councillors will be offered ipads under new plans which the council says will save money. More than half are expected to hand back their … Continue reading

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RMBC Deputy Leader Cllr Jahangir Akhtar and Twitter – One rule for one … ?

Our Deputy Leader of Rotherham Borough Council, Cllr Jahanghir Akhtar, seems to be more than a little selective with who can read his posts and declarations on  the public/social network Twitter.   Maltbyblogger has been blocked from sending him messages … Continue reading

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Response from Deputy Leader of RMBC, on Child Sexual Exploitation

Unverified statement from the Deputy Leader Cllr Jahangir Akhtar  (Unverified for the simple reason that Cllr Jahangir Akhtar fails to respond to maltbyblogger by email or telephone and has blocked mb from his Twitter account) “Training The training session held … Continue reading

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