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Rotherham Labour Press Release

Rotherham Labour Press Release

Not sure how Jahangir Akhtar comes to make such sweeping statements, in his  but it’s certainly not from the views of ordinary Rotherham people.
“The local elections on 3rd May, brought a sweep of new Labour Councillors into Rotherham Town Hall.” A sweep … ? as if the old rubbish has been cleared out to make way for new ! There might be some “new” names, but the policies that have been drummed into them by their Labour party superiors will ensure they carry on with the same old views and blinkers to the real situation.
I’m still waiting for an apology from JA after he stated that I a am BNP sympathiser on Twitter ! Seems he doesn’t like the Labour party to be called ‘scum’ but it’s ok for him to tell folk to “go forth and multiply”. Not very professional for a professional, is it ?
How ironic that the facility for anyone to comment on his website is “closed” ! :)

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“Season’s Greetings” – from the ” Maltby Labour Team”

Had a Christmas card posted through my door the other day, from “Maltby Labour Team” – snowman on the front, 2012 calendar on the back and inside details of my local team, Amy Rushforth, Christine Beaumont and Maggie Godfrey.. So … Continue reading

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