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Sarah Champion MP to be at Child Sexual Exploitation Summit at 10 Downing Street

Sarah Champion MP will be at the Child Sexual Exploitation Summit at 10 Downing Street, today. Although maltby blogger is blocked from  @SarahChampionMP,  I still receive her “newsletter” – which is more than can be said about my own MP Kevin Barron – … Continue reading


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Who is the senior Rotherham Local Government Association figure, in this report ?

From Local Govt Chronicle   11 February, 2015 | By Sarah Calkin http://www.lgcplus.com/news/childrens-services “LGA voices doubts as Pickles goes further than Casey recommends A senior Local Government Association figure and one of the highest profile council leaders have broken a political … Continue reading

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Mahroof Hussain Resigns – Advertiser seeks interview with Muhbeen Hussain

Another resignation, not before time. Mahroof Hussain MBE resigns and nephew Muhbeen is asked by Michael Upton of The Advertiser to follow him on Twitter so that he can “DM”  (direct message) him regarding “the interview”. Have asked Muhbeen if … Continue reading

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National Crime Agency’s Statement re Rotherham Council – 4th Feb 2015

Matters which are “allegations of potential criminal behaviour” would surely, by definition constitute “misconduct”. If this is so, has the Deputy Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police had such misconduct referred to him and is he in liaison with the … Continue reading

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