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Letter from House of Commons – short-lived excitement

Along with a Domino’s pizza leaflet and an advert for over 50’s insurance, there was a letter from the House of Commons in my letterbox today. An actual letter, addressed to me, from my very own MP ?  How exciting … Continue reading

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Please answer the questions, Cllr Maggie Godfrey

Dear Cllr Maggie Godfrey,  Thankyou for your response  regarding Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham.     Would you please provide me with the following information   1. On which date and at which venue did the training take place ?   … Continue reading

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Those Who Represent Us – No 4 Maggie Godfrey

Councillor Maggie Godfrey Ward: Maltby   Party: Labour Maggie Godfrey was elected a councillor on 3rd May, 2012 and is an Adviser to the Cabinet Member for Town Centres, Economic Growth and Prosperity, a member of the Planning Board and Self Regulation Select Commission. Surgeries : … Continue reading

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Rose Tinted Spectacles or Just Plain Deceitful ?

                                   With every day that goes by there appears to be more examples of Rotherham Borough Council and it’s councillors behaving in a manner … Continue reading

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A quick run down of the responsibility positions held by Maltby’s Rotherham Borough Councillors : Councillor Amy L. Rushforth  Ward: Maltby Party: Labour Biography Councillor Rushforth has been a member of the Council since 2000 and is currently Cabinet Member for Culture and … Continue reading

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More Questions Than Answers at Latest Maltby Town Council Farce

Well, would you believe it ? After the letter from Maltby Town Council – with Richard Waller cc’d into it – requesting maltbyblogger to remove information from this blog, no one was co opted onto MTC at the meeting on … Continue reading

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Rotherham Labour Press Release

Not sure how Jahangir Akhtar comes to make such sweeping statements, in his  but it’s certainly not from the views of ordinary Rotherham people.
“The local elections on 3rd May, brought a sweep of new Labour Councillors into Rotherham Town Hall.” A sweep … ? as if the old rubbish has been cleared out to make way for new ! There might be some “new” names, but the policies that have been drummed into them by their Labour party superiors will ensure they carry on with the same old views and blinkers to the real situation.
I’m still waiting for an apology from JA after he stated that I a am BNP sympathiser on Twitter ! Seems he doesn’t like the Labour party to be called ‘scum’ but it’s ok for him to tell folk to “go forth and multiply”. Not very professional for a professional, is it ?
How ironic that the facility for anyone to comment on his website is “closed” ! :)

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