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Groundhog Day Comes Round Again

Today I am posting Peter Hitchens blog, from the day after the elections. There are two main reasons for this:  1. The  first sentence of the post will I am sure, bring great joy to those -and there are quite … Continue reading

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If we don’t vote for any of them, they might just go away

I usually find myself agreeing with the sentiments of Peter Hitchens on most subjects. His blog this morning on the “Leaders Debate” televised the other night says it more eloquently than I could, so here it is, for your perusal.   … Continue reading

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The End of the Tory Party – Peter Hitchens

At the risk of being labelled as a Daily Mail Reader (well I do read it, selectively) this piece from Peter Hitchens is posted here as it is about Rotherham and for a change, not particularly about the Labour Party. … Continue reading

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