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They Work For You – Kevin Barron – Bulleying & Harassment- Historical Allegations

What an excellent point our MP makes on this issue.   Kevin Barron Chair, Committee on Standards, Chair,  Committee on Privileges The report makes it clear that there is a small number of sitting MPs who are reported to engage in bullying … Continue reading

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NHS: Learning from Mistakes – Barron’s contribution

The day before our Kevin stood down from the Standards committee he made this contribution : Kevin Barron Chair, Committee on Standards, Chair, Committee on Privileges In welcoming the statement, may I say that, in my experience on the General … Continue reading

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Our Kevin refers himself to Commissioner for Standards

No comment from me needed … … “Labour MP Sir Kevin Barron has stood aside as Commons Standards Committee chairman over allegations he hosted events at Westminster for a drugs firm. Sir Kevin has referred himself to the Parliamentary Commissioner … Continue reading


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So, Kevin, who watches the watchers? – Andrew Pierce

Questions are being asked about the wisdom of re-electing to the key post of overseeing ethical standards in the Commons an MP who has embarrassingly used taxpayer money to rent a home from a parliamentary colleague. Critics suggest that since … Continue reading

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Our Kev gets a mention in Private Eye magazine

Doesn’t it just make you balk … … ? From Private Eye : http://www.private-eye.co.uk/news “THERE were plenty of opportunities for holier-than-thou posturing after the dégringolade of two former foreign secretaries whose self-importance had left them with few friends in the Tea … Continue reading

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Kevin Barron – Debate on Standards and Mercer’s resignation

Good to see our MP has been working hard recently : ” Let me first say to the Leader of the House that we did point out the issues about Members of the House of Lords not having constituents and that a suspension from … Continue reading

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Who Wouldn’t Want This Man As Their MP ?

He’d be priviliged to be selected, he says.  Place your bets now for the chances of this … …  Rt Hon Sir Kevin Barron MP  I, Kevin Barron, was born in Hazlewood Castle, Tadcaster, and moved with my family to … Continue reading

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Kevin Barron Speaks on Transparency of Lobbying Bill

Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill Kevin Barron (Rother Valley, Labour) The Standards Committee met this morning and has agreed a report on the implications of this Bill for Members of Parliament, and we are making strong recommendations … Continue reading

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It’s all ok if you give to charity – like our Kev does.

“The Commons Speaker, John Bercow, has written to the chairman of the standards committee asking him to consider whether select committee chairs should have any outside commercial interests. Bercow has acted in the light of the energy and climate change committee … Continue reading

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A Bit of a Rant

Had a bit of a rant yesterday on Facebook page ‘Maltby Past Present & Future’. The discussion started on roads in and out of Maltby and then progressed to other things. I said I would post it here, so here … Continue reading

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